Infrastructure Monitoring

Nodes | Disk | I/O | Data | Queries


A single node, running multiple queries because of the data that it contains, fails and wrecks havoc on SLAs, causing downstream impact. 

Identify the node that is causing this failure, and move it out of production.

Expect failures and manage infrastructure proactively. 

Multi-tenant Capacity Management

Outlier Detection


Identify the users, applications who are anomalous in the system. 

Identify anomalous resource usage, using our statistical and ML based algorithms. 

Identify the ideal calendar times, enabling you to move jobs accordingly.

Realtime and Historical Averages

Trends on queues based on users and time distribution enable you to take better decisions on capacity enhancement. 

Node Label Support

Identify the optimal times of day for appropriate scheduled queries to run based upon historical characteristics. Accelo recommends an ideal calendar for execution. 

Cloud Ready Chargeback

Supports all public clouds with complex formula evaluation ability. 

Enables IT decisions to be made quickly and sensitises tenants to honor budgets.

Helps understand failing workloads of no value, which is expensive in a cloud environment.


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