Acceldata for Enterprises Data Lakes


  • Understand your concurrency you have your cluster up and running, ready for business. Your teams are now in discussion with you for determining the SLA's of their business applications. You are now scratching your head and trying to determine - how to spread capacity between these businesses? What are the priorities of the applications which will now run on your big-data cluster? Who are the users, how do you react rapidly to business demands?

  • You are operational and internal teams are moving business critical. However, you are getting a lot of messages from your business teams, who are unable to generate their reports, their critical applications are missing SLA's. You now need to react and you come to accel, look at the issues from a ground-up perspective, try to find the root cause of the issue at hand. We have the ability to take you deep, cross stack views and let you know what works best to deliver data effectively. 


Independent Software Vendors

  • You are Micro-Strategy, Talend, DataGuise who run great solutions on the Hadoop platform, running configurable Hive and Spark applications for your client needs. Your customers should have the best operational experience, and solve the problem they set out to solve on your platform, and not checking logs endlessly.

  • Your customers have a hybrid deployment environment, on the cloud and on-premise. You are getting variety of performance improvement requests. Several of these issues are setup issues, configuration issues or poor resource utilization.


Service Integrators

  • You are a large company which provides turn-key Big Data implementations to Fortune 100 customers through your large industry practice and you jointly have picked Hadoop for implementation. When this implementation needs to go live, you may miss out on valued, repeatable support business because of lack of depth of operational experience on newer platforms. 

  • Allow your team to win a repeatable business with Accelo, allowing you to manage customer Datalakes and expand overall value proposition allowing you to compete for complex, high-value managed support offerings.

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