Launching Kafka Autoscaling soon.

Kafka Operations

in real time was never this easy...

Identify Broker failures, Skewed partitions, Consumer lag, Rebalancing Consumer groups. Answer questions with ease

What are all the producers and consumers connected to a given topic?

Are there consumers in a consumer-group for a given topic slow/falling behind?

Did a consumer rebalance occur for a given topic?

Are any of my consumers/consumer-groups that are over-consuming?

Are any of my consumers/consumer-groups that are under-consuming?

And many more.

Kafka Monitoring


Broker Health


What partitions are present on a given topic? How are the system parameters placed for a broker? Is there an opportunity to rebalance data?

Consumer Visibility


Which consumer groups are attached to which topic? Which consumers are lagging the most? Which consumers are displaying anomalies?

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