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What Do We Do ?

Accelo allows Enterprise IT to achieve Big Data business objectives with confidence.

Accelo’s AI based Proactive Intervention, Capacity Planner and ML based Root Cause Identifier optimizes your hybrid Datalake.
Accelo AI, predicts - Resource contention, Disk Failures, I/O Issues, Service Exceptions in advance, allowing you to act proactively.
The one-click ML based Root Cause Identifier and Error Visualizers allows you to react instantly to failures.

Whether you are starting up on Hadoop or have a large hadoop deployment of 1000 nodes, with multiple business critical applications on Hadoop, AccelData allows you to manage monitor business critical applications.

How Do We Do ?

Unified Application Monitoring

Accelo supports Hive, Spark, Tez and MR currently and provides a single pane of glass for monitoring and management of applications, users and resources. You will no longer need to get to multiple systems to get data. Monitor Performance of Spark & Hive applications triggered through third-party ISV providers.


AccelData Supports hybrid deployments including - On-Prem and Cloud platforms such as - Azure, AWS, GCP. Data Organizations typically have more than one cluster to manage. We understand that Data Stewards and Admins struggle to keep all clusters performant. (Currently Accelo supports HDP clusters)

Optimized Operations

Accelo has an AI based capacity planner that allows you to plan resource utilization better. Discover the resource utilization, your peak compute needs, data variations and act accordingly. Set the preemption rules and revise when the system prompts. Get an advanced view of missed SLAs and take administrative calls.

Root Cause Identifier

Accelo provides you the ability to visualize the Root Cause of the failure in the chain of events, including application events, resource contentions, service failures and setups. Instead of displaying logs, Accelo ML provides the root cause in a single click.


Get started with a single click of a button. Accelo installs within minutes and responds with immediate cluster diagnostics. The installation and operational is self-explanatory - install the Accelo Agent on your clusters and you are Optimize your clusters. Furthermore, give your data-users to explore issues within their own applications. Provision cluster users through Accelo.


Accelo is enterprise ready, it integrates with your corporate LDAP, AD, Local users in Ambari and allows you to create multiple roles such as - Data users, Administrators. In addition, Accelo agents run within the clusters and don’t export data outside, with the Accelo Agent UI connecting securely with Kerberos or SSO to the agent.

How Do We Help


You have your cluster up and running, ready for business. Your teams are now in discussion with you for determining the SLA's of their business applications. You are now scratching your head and trying to determine - how to spread capacity between these businesses? What are the priorities of the applications which will now run on your big-data cluster? Who are the users, how do you react rapidly to business demands?

You are operational and internal teams are moving business critical. However, you are getting a lot of messages from your business teams, who are unable to generate their reports, their critical applications are missing SLA's. You now need to react and you come to accel, look at the issues from a ground up perspective, try to find the root cause of the issue at hand. We have the ability to take you deep, cross stack views and let you know what


You are Micro-Strategy, Talend, DataGuise who run great solutions on the Hadoop platform, running configurable Hive and Spark applications for your client needs. Your customers should have the best operational experience, and solve the problem they set out to solve on your platform, and not get stuck in logs.

Your customers have a hybrid deployment environment, on the cloud and on-premise. You are getting variety of performance improvement requests. Several of these issues are setup issues, configuration issues or unoptimized resource utilizations.


Your are a large company which provides turn-key Big Data implementations to Fortune 100 customers through your large industry practice and you jointly have picked Hadoop for implementation. When this implementation needs to go live, you may miss out on valued, repeatable support business because of lack of depth of operational experience on newer platforms.

Allow your team to win repeatable business with the Accelo, which allows you to manage your customer Datalakes and expand overall value proposition. Go ahead and compete for complex, high value Premier Support positions with higher yield and help customers in their business scenarios.

Data Workers

You are an Independent Consultant, Developer or Data Scientist working on complex client projects, and time is valuable to your business outcome. You also run multiple clusters for trying out different Notebooks, Hive Queries, Scala Programs and your primary goals are to figure out the issues in your test, development clusters quickly and solve problems consistently and fast.

Install Accelo on each of your clusters and get to the root of the issues that are impeding your progress. Analyze your queries, verify adequate performance and move the application into production or client environment. Accelo is free for Developers for a 3 Node cluster.

We are a bunch of commiter's on various Hadoop projects trying to solve few more interesting problems in the Hadoop space

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Contact us at sales@acceldata.io if you want to checkout more about us or for a free version of our solution