Data Lake Operations Optimised

Cutting through complexity of Big Data Operations. 

Enabling Big Data Teams

AccelData Ops Platform allows...

Unified Process Monitoring

Monitor business processes across - Hive, Spark, Tez, MR, Kafka & HBase through a single pane of glass. Monitoring and manage applications, users, and resources.

Capacity Planning

With an ML-based workload analyser  that allows you to plan capacity. Discover the utilization, peak compute needs, data variations and actionable insights. Make data backed expansion decisions. 

Root Cause Analysis

Visualize Root Causes of failures in complex multi-tiered applications. Instead of displaying logs, Accelo ML provides the root cause in a single click, across multi-tiered service layers.


One-click installation gets you started. Accelo installs within minutes provides cluster insights.  Allow data workers to step understand their own applications. 

Infrastructure Anomaly Detection

Every node is a point of failure, critical services running on nodes. Identify anomalous behaviour and prevent them from happening. 

SLA Monitoring

Business users want to know when their business-processes are getting delayed.Setup SLA's plus SLO's against all processes and operate with confidence.

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