• Data Lake Operations Optimized

    Cut through the complexity of Big Data.

    AI Powered Operations. 

    Enable your Data Team

    to answer the questions with confidence. Allow the team to focus on things that matter. Manage your Data Lake Operations with ease using Accelo's advanced Machine Learning, alerting and Monitoring capabilities. 

    Whether you are starting up on Hadoop or have a large hadoop deployment of 1000 nodes, with multiple business critical applications on Hadoop, AccelData allows you to manage monitor business critical applications.

    Operational Intelligence for BigData

    Unified Application Monitoring

    Accelo supports Hive, Spark, Tez, MR, Impala and provides a single pane of glass for monitoring and management of applications, users and resources. You will no longer need to get to multiple systems to get data. 

    Capacity Management

    Accelo has an ML based capacity planner that allows you to plan capacity. Discover the utilization, your peak compute needs, data variations and act accordingly. Set the preemption rules and revise when the system prompts. Get an advanced view of missed SLAs and take administrative calls.

    Root Cause Analysis

    Accelo provides you the ability to visualize the Root Cause of the failure in the chain of events, including application events, resource contentions, service failures and setups. Instead of displaying logs, Accelo ML provides the root cause in a single click.


    Get started with a single click of a button. Accelo installs within minutes and responds with immediate cluster diagnostics.  Furthermore, allow your data-users to diagnose their own applications. 

    Enterprise Ready

    Accelo is enterprise ready, it integrates with your corporate LDAP, AD, Local users in Ambari. Accelo runs within the clusters, with the Accelo UI connecting securely.

    SLA Monitors

    Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


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